Beware of “Fly by Night” Operators


When choosing representation to defend you against charges, which could negatively impact your life drastically, beware of “fly by night” operators. Choosing the wrong representative could make fighting your ticket a losing battle. Ensure the person is licensed with the Law Society of Canada. Ensure they have an office with a work address, and proper referrals you can validate.

Some representatives work in and around courthouses looking for victims. They meet clients at coffee shops only to take their money and misrepresent them. Delinquently leads to a conviction and the client is cheated. Unfortunately we regularly hear from people who have been “taken” by “fly by night operators”.

We meet people all the time that say they gave their ticket and money to someone else, now they cant find them. Or I paid a guy to go to court, they told me they took care of it and now I realized that my license has been suspended.