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We Win Traffic Tickets, it’s not just a slogan; it’s how we do business.

We fight all Toronto traffic tickets

We Win Traffic Tickets has a 90% Win Rate and thousands of happy clients who have maintained their FREEDOM and beat their traffic tickets. Each case is unique and deserves the upmost attention to detail to ensure a not guilty verdict is achieved.

Licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada

We are licensed with The Law Society of Upper Canada and have been fighting traffic tickets for over 10 years across Ontario. We even provides representation for charges arising in the State of New York.

Save your demerit points

You can lose your driver’s license if you accumulate enough points. That is why it is very important to fight your traffic ticket. We Win Traffic Tickets defends more than just your driving record, WE WIN DEFENDS YOUR FREEDOM! List of Demerit Points

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Being convicted with a Careless driving offence can have rather serious consequences. Similar to speeding tickets, the fine amount is not the only penalty you can receive with a convicted careless driving charge.

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Before paying your speeding ticket, make sure that you understand the consequences. As soon as you pay your speeding ticket you are pleading guilty to that charge. Speeding tickets 16 km/h over the posted speed limit carry demerit points too.

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Can be given to any individual caught driving at a speed of >50 km/hr than the posted speed limit. Stunt driving is considered a very serious offence by courts and insurance companies. The implications of this offence if convicted are immense.

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If you are involved in an accident with your vehicle, the law states that you must report the incident if the damage is greater than $1000.00. Collisions should be reported within 24 hours of the incident to the police.

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We Win Traffic Tickets has a 90% Win Rate and Thousands of Happy Clients who have maintained their FREEDOM and beat their traffic ticket.

Criminal Law

As per the Rules and Regulations of the Law Society of Upper Canada, we are permitted to represent individuals charged with Summary Offences. Hybrid, Super Summary and Indictable Offences will be referred to highly trained and professional criminal lawyers. Call us and save on retainer fees for dangerous driving charges and other minor Criminal Code Offences. We will make sure your case is handled professionally in order to ensure the best outcome for you.

We prepare Summary Offences at a fraction of the price of larger law firms.

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